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A professional tool that performs conversion between various units
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Unit Converter Pro stands as a powerful tool that helps professionals from a wide range of fields perform various unit conversions. This program is really well-designed. It is recommended for engineers and students, as well as for chemists, physicists, and other professionals.

I have to admit that I didn't expect too much from this application as many programs of this kind are available. But the software instantly managed to impress me with the great number of measurement unit that it can handle. Unit Converter Pro includes a database of conversion factors and allows users to customize it in many ways, according to their needs. At first sight, the graphical interface of he program may seem simplistic, but it is actually well-organized. On the lower side of the main window, users are offered access to various conversion categories: Acceleration – Angular, area, calorific value, charge, concentration, etc. For example, if you select “Charge”, you will be able to perform conversion between measurements unit like: ampere/hour, ampere/minute, franklin, kilocoulomb, milicoulomb, electronic charge, etc.

In addition to this, users also have the opportunity to customize the database by adding new measurement units and categories. Also, they can change the way Unit Converter Pro displays the results: AutoFormat, Scientific, Fixed, Fixed with Thousands Separators, etc.

I strongly recommend this application to anyone who is in need of a professional unit converter.

Margie Smeer
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  • The shareware version comes with no limitations regarding program features
  • It is able to make conversions for 78 categories of units
  • Highly-customizable program
  • It doesn't require many system resources (RAM, CPU, etc.)


  • The program has no disadvantages
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